Moon Exhausted After Highly Publicized Performance

Outer Space – Last night was a big one for the Moon. The whole world tuned in as the massive rock completed the impressive act of a superblood lunar eclipse. I was lucky enough to catch up with the gigantic … Continue reading

Motivational Speaker Lacks Motivation

Tulsa, OK – It’s been a rough month for professional motivational speaker Sammy “Sunshine” Newsome. “I just don’t┬áhave any drive lately,” states the author of the book Getting Knocked Down and Getting Back Up Again: Finding Inspiration in the Hits … Continue reading

Do You See What I See?: Sea Otter Determined Cutest Animal

Cambridge, MA – A scientist at a local university┬áhas made a breakthrough discovery that potentially will change some lives somewhere in some way or another. “Based on my research, I have been able to determine that sea otters are actually … Continue reading

Tween Headed in One Direction: Down the Wedding Aisle

Detroit, MI – “Oh my god it’s today. The concert is today.” Tween superfan Brittany “Britt” Williams has been waiting for months, no wait, years for this opportunity to see One Direction, her favorite boy band in the whole entire … Continue reading