Motivational Speaker Lacks Motivation

200556230-005Tulsa, OK – It’s been a rough month for professional motivational speaker Sammy “Sunshine” Newsome. “I just don’t have any drive lately,” states the author of the book Getting Knocked Down and Getting Back Up Again: Finding Inspiration in the Hits of the 90’s. “I sit down to write some new motivational material, you know, to help people out and get them ready to succeed, but I just don’t have any strong desire to actually work on it.” Sunshine has spent some time planning his new motivational tour, If I Can Do It, You Might Also Be Able To (But No Promises), but hasn’t gotten very far regarding progress. “I wrote a couple chapters, but then I just didn’t feel like doing it anymore. Instead, I took a nap and then watched the entirety of Lost in three days,” explained Newsome, who recently has spent a lot of time staring into space and thinking about why phlegm is spelled the way it is. His tour kicks off early next year, and at this rate it seems we won’t be seeing much new and exciting material. Sunshine shared that he is planning on attending Motivators Anonymous, where motivational speakers meet to pump each other up about pumping other people up. Hopefully soon this man will tap into chapter nine of his previously published work, “Wannabe: Figuring Out What You Want and How To Get It.”


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