Local Woman Treats Herself To Special, One-Time Gift

woman-ipadSan Francisco, CA – Local public relations representative Natasha Davidson has really been going above and beyond lately. She has stayed late 15 minutes at work all this week so far; who cares if it’s only Tuesday. Last weekend she volunteered to watch the kids when her sister went into labor, and she only had to be asked twice. “Somehow I managed to only cheat on my diet once a day for the past month, and never any more than a cookie or two or five!” states the 27-year-old woman, who once so graciously helped a lost child find his mother because the brat wouldn’t stop crying. Occasionally she cries when she sees the commercials on television for the sad puppies and kittens and considers donating money. Because she’s been nothing but a Good Samaritan for the past week or so, Davidson has decided that she really truly deserves that $500 pair of patent black leather pumps she’s been staring at online for the past four hours instead of completing her report that is due by 9am tomorrow. “I can’t even remember the last time I really gave to myself, I feel like I’m always giving to other people!” reasons Davidson, who doesn’t believe in drinking any water that isn’t from Fiji. “Plus, I’ll look really great when I’m getting my bi-weekly manicures, ordering my daily Starbucks beverage, and picking up my entire wardrobe from the dry cleaner!” Sources report that Davidson has already ‘treated herself’ two times in the past month, but let’s be honest. She deserves it.


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