“Zoo Brew” Patrons Provide Monthly Entertainment For Animals

Indianapolis, IN – This summer the Indianapolis City Zoo has been hosting several events called “Zoo Brew,” where you and your 21+ buddies can come sip on alcoholic beverages while perusing the animal exhibits. It’s been receiving positive reviews by … Continue reading


Tween Headed in One Direction: Down the Wedding Aisle

Detroit, MI – “Oh my god it’s today. The concert is today.” Tween superfan Brittany “Britt” Williams has been waiting for months, no wait, years for this opportunity to see One Direction, her favorite boy band in the whole entire … Continue reading

Obama Regrets Casually Using the Phrase “Sue Me”

Washington, DC – Just last week Republicans of Congress voted to sue Mr. Barack Obama, current President of the United States and Scrabble enthusiast, for his usage of executive orders that has been deemed unconstitutional. This event caused Obama, who … Continue reading