“Zoo Brew” Patrons Provide Monthly Entertainment For Animals

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 7.58.00 PMIndianapolis, IN – This summer the Indianapolis City Zoo has been hosting several events called “Zoo Brew,” where you and your 21+ buddies can come sip on alcoholic beverages while perusing the animal exhibits. It’s been receiving positive reviews by humans, but more importantly has reached the original satisfaction goals for the fauna that reside there. “Many animals were complaining that they were tired of how boring the humans were. Most viewers would just blankly state and say something along the lines of, ‘Why are they all asleep?’ or, ‘Where even is it?'” explains Head Zookeeper and zebra enthusiast, Kathy Rhodes. “We decided that if we offered some inebriating drinks, the patrons would become a show themselves, often regressing back into primitive creatures that could naturally put on an exhibition for the animals that live here.” So far, the Zoo Brew idea has been a great success. Not only does the zoo make a huge profit from entrance fees and concessions, but the animals have had few complaints. There has only been one reported incident where a man attempted to ride one of the lions, but tamers were able to get there in time to contain the drunken fool and protect the lion from harm. Security stated that people may often talk loudly about how they “could totally steal a lemur if they wanted to,” but most claims are immediately dropped and accompanied by some lame excuse when friends suggest the declaration is acted on. Next week’s Zoo Brew has a “I-P-Prey” theme, and attendees are encouraged to wear their best costume of an animal that is likely to be consumed by a carnivorous critter!


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