Woman Maintains YouTube Channel With Numerous Surgeries

20140721-140837-50917450.jpg Tulsa, OK – YouTube has allowed many people to taste the sweet flavor of fame, and Gina Wagner is one of them. “I first realized the potential after I got my appendix removed two years ago and I’ve been posting videos ever since!” states Wagner, also known widely as WagAMama69 on the internet, who has now gone through 23 operations requiring anesthesia since she started her YouTube channel. “I’ve had surgeries ranging from my tonsils all the way up to a triple bypass in order to get these videos,” the 45-year-old social media buff explained. “My husband is always there waiting for me with the video camera to catch what I might say!”

Sources say that once she actually claimed be Ringo Starr, the under appreciated drummer of The Beatles. “It was hilarious, because she is totally not Ringo! She can’t even play the bongos well!” shared Wagner’s friend and manager Francine Howard. Be sure to check out Wagner’s upcoming feature where she gets part of her liver removed for the third time.


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