Man Completes Thorough Online Research Before Purchase of Feminine Products for Girlfriend


Rochester, NY – Local man Tim Rogers was feeling confident and ready when he arrived home after stopping by CVS after work. Earlier in the day, he had received a text from his girlfriend of 2 years asking him to grab a box of tampons.

Rogers said he had a premonition that one day he would value extensive knowledge on feminine products. “Michelle was getting grumpy last week, so I figured it had to be PMS. Nothing else can explain her strong desire for chocolate substances and irrational behavior that women stereotypically display during this part of their menstrual cycle, and I’m not trying to brag, but I’m pretty in touch with her feelings,” the self-defined #1 Boyfriend in the World conveyed.

Sources say Rogers was sure to do a complete comparison between the tampon models before he made any kind of purchase for his significant other. He stated several times that it’s important that the pros and cons are weighed, as well as reading customer reviews and professional opinions, before making any kind of important purchase. “I did the same thing before buying my car, my digital camera, my pizza last Friday, even my toothpaste! One can never be too careful, you never know what you’re going to get these days,” Tim explained as he searched the Tampax website for their Nutritional Facts labels.

“I was caught off guard by how many different kinds there are, and that’s not even including the sub-category of pads! I truly have no idea how women are able to make these purchases every month without reading the latest posts under Google News as well as Yelp and TripAdvisor,” Rogers said as he sipped from his Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, which was regarded much higher on Yahoo! Answers than the competitors.

“I even watched all their commercials dating back to 2000,” Rogers continued. “I don’t want to buy the love of my life a product from a company that won’t spend enough to create both entertaining and informative advertisements.”

Rogers recollected a story his good buddy had told him once about when he grabbed a random box off the shelf. “Apparently he got the wrong model and had to go back to get a different one. I wasn’t about to make the same mistake, not when Michelle was already mad about me about ordering mushroom on the pizza last Friday, although I certainly ordered it from the best place in town based on my research.”

After arriving home with what Rogers deemed the most logical choice regarding quality and cost, he was caught off guard when his significant other didn’t acknowledge his effort, stating that he could have grabbed any box and that would have been fine.


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