The Five Best Checks You Can Order From Bank of America

Recently I had to order new checks from B of A and I noticed that there are many different options. I’m attempting to be taken more seriously so I got the basic blue, but here are some options that more adventurous people might want to consider.


This first one has a fun and funky background for the shopaholic inside us all! The “That’s Right, I’m Fabulous” tells your landlord that he should be aware of the diva that is his new tenant. B of A offers a lot of cool sayings to include on your check, and for this one I chose “Aliens obducted my money.” How else are you supposed to tell people you need help being saved from the aliens? This will help people realize that not only are you in danger, but you also have no idea how to spell abducted.


This next check is for the child in all of us. The care bear theme shows the people you’re investing in that they can count on you…for a hug and a cuddle! The pizza symbol in the corner helps people relate to you because let’s be real, everyone loves pizza! Finally, if the person who is receiving your check doesn’t fully get that you miss being a kid there’s the quote in the bottom right corner, “I really miss 4th grade.” Who doesn’t?


Specially designed for the animal lover, this next check will remind you of those who truly understand you: organisms that can’t talk. I chose the firefighter in the top corner because it kind of looks like he’s playing an electric guitar and will point out that you’re a tough guy despite the horse theme. This is also a good choice for those who aren’t able to make choices because of the quote “I’m Crazy ’bout Cats.” Now people won’t have to ask you who your favorite animals are because clearly horses are the best and cats are a close second.


This specific check is made for someone who likes Superman and wants people to know that just because they have a Superman themed check doesn’t mean that they are Superman. People might get confused, so you want to make it clear that you aren’t the Man of Steel. You might also need some motivation, so there’s a picture of a boot with the words “Keep on Truckin'” which could remind you to keep walking or it could remind you that you’ll physically be kicked if you don’t get in a truck and start moving. The finishing touch is “Livin’ Large and Takin’ Charge” because when you spend thousands of dollars to buy a car you just don’t have the money for, you can think about your life motto and wish you had changed it to something more reasonable.


This final theme was under the “refined” category, so I designed it particularly for the classy person deep inside all of us. The scenery is exquisite and can create a sense of serenity amongst the bustle of the work week. In the top left corner we see a sea cow which represents your easy-going personality and your ability to float in water. We all have a little sea cow in us, and this is your chance to share it. The finishing touch is the “I Need A Hug” quote because sometimes you get lonely and if your lawyer is kind of cute maybe you’ll get some lovin’ 😉

Let me know if you need your own personalized checks, although I think that everyone relates to at least one of these!


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