Caturday: The Beginning of an Era

I’ve been brainstorming ideas for posts I could have as a weekly installment, and what could possibly be better than CATURDAY??? If you know me, you know I love cats! I even own my own cat! His name is Frances and he lives with my parents right now because my roommates have severe allergies and cats aren’t allowed in college dorms. Not that I didn’t consider hiding him. Here’s a picture!



Don’t tell him I put that up, it’s not the most flattering of pictures and he might get mad and piss on my bed. Now to continue about other cats! So, the basis of Caturday is that I would post a good cat picture every Saturday (get it? Caturday? lol) that is a top notch cat photo and not some run of the mill cat photo. For the first week, I have chosen one of my favorites.


Many a cat owner has said that their cat acts like they rule the world. This is because they truly believe that they do rule the world. And one day they might, which will be a day filled with cat nip craziness followed by naps. The look of pure shock on this cat’s face is similar to mine when I went to Panera Bread the other week and they were out of broccoli cheddar soup. WHAT DO YOU MEAN????

I hope you have enjoyed the first Caturday post and you can expect another one next Saturday!


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