2013: Hot Beatz

I pride myself on listening to a wide variety of music. I also pride myself on my ability to fall asleep at almost any time of the day, so I guess that’s really not saying much. I’m going to include some of my favorite tracks and albums and what not with not real album reviews, just basically saying that I enjoy them and maybe you’ll go sit down and blow the dust off your iPod nano and listen to some hot beats. These are not in order of personal enjoyment level, but rather which ones I happened to write about first. LOL I’m just so random sometimes!!


If you’re going to listen to one album this year, it had better be Haim’s Days Are Gone. I literally want to be them and am curious if it’s too soon to start a cover band because then I can at least pretend with some validity. “The Wire” played almost constantly as I walked to class for the month of September and October. And also November and it’s playing right now, what do ya know. I was lucky enough to see them live twice this year. One time the youngest sister actually kind of touched me by accident and I pretty much fainted. Ideal to listen to when: feeling badass, feeling like pretending to be badass, when wondering where the days went.


Second on my list is James Blake’s Overgrown. Not only is he super dreamy in a successful British musician way (my favorite), but he also can make some creepy tunes and make some loopy loops. He’s one of my favorite dudes to see live because I can groove and also feel pretty chill because some people don’t know who he is. “Retrograde” is a track to be reckoned with, and I’m sure James (I can call him that because I like to think we’re pretty tight) will be around for a while. If you happen to run into him, tell him I love him and congrats on the Mercury award and also give him my number. Ideal to listen to when: laying in bed with all the lights off and with your eyes closed, desiring to hear a British person sing with a slight British accent, wanting to hum along poorly.


Third we have Yeezus. Sorry not sorry about it. Kanye West is without a doubt one of the most interesting and hilarious and also a little bit but he still manages to record some hot tracks that get me toes tapping. We’ve all seen the Bound 2 music video, and if you haven’t, watch it here. If you want to see a better version made by Seth Rogen and James Franco, watch it here. “Blackhead Skinhead” can get anyone pumped about practically anything, and sometimes I play it when I know I should be doing something I’m not. Like getting out of bed. Or going to class. Or being a functional human being. Ideal to listen to when: feeling a little bit Yeezy, feeling like riding a motorcycle naked, running faster on a treadmill than you actually can.


The 1975’s album is titled The 1975. Even the first track on the album is titled “The 1975” so whatever, you hipster weirdos. I’ll bet the lead singer will name his first child The 1975 also and will think it’s so kewl.  This one is for the middle school girls out there who also enjoy listening to some neat musical creations. The lead singer is super middle school hot and that’s a treat in itself. If you don’t know what middle school hot is, look him up. Personal favorite tracks include “Chocolate” and “Settle Down” but my good friend says she likes “Heart Out” because it has a saxophone solo and we all know those add so much to any artistic creation. Ideal to listen to when: feeling emo but a little bit hardcore in an absolutely not hardcore way, looking for something to sing along to in an English accent in the car.


This is the part where I write about the One Direction album because it’s my blog and I can write about boy bands if I want to. With their third studio album, the love continues. I think it’s mainly titled Midnight Memories so I can sit in my bed and remember all those times I listen to it alone instead of interacting with normal people like I probably should. If you’re into attractive British men (like I already established as a fact about myself) then you should listen to either “Best Song Ever” or maybe even “Story of My Life” or “Happily” and then watch all their music videos in chronological order and then the movie. Ideal to listen to when: having regression to the ultimate degree, lacking all shame entirely, dancing around like an idiot, wanting to bond with the girl you babysit on the weekend.

But Nance, what about Vampire Weekend and Arctic Monkeys and Arcade Fire and The National and Disclosure and Drake and Daft Punk??? What about all these bands that I love and that you also love??? Well homies, maybe I didn’t want to write a 10 page long blog post. Maybe the inspiration lightning bolt only hit me five times. These albums were also neat. I enjoyed them and I listen to them. You should probably listen to them also. NOW.


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